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Branding & Marketing 

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A Bit About Me

Creative & resourceful all-round freelance consultant 

Experienced Brand & Marketing Manager with a history of working in the F&B industry for small businesses and global brands. Professionally skilled in Dutch, English and French and understanding knowledge of Spanish.

I'm a very hands-on (sometimes maybe a bit too much - I love to get my hands dirty) and proactive professional with a Master degree in History and a passion for traveling, food and sports.

Currently dividing my time between Belgium and Saigon. 

Pink Cream

Where can I help?

Offering a global branding experience that is extremely divers, which results in a wide scope of services. I can help on several fields of expertise, but always with a creative angle and that to any-sized organisation. I strongly believe that every business - whatever its size - should have a clearly established DNA and brand guidelines - defining the essence of the brand. This will speed up and streamline future processes in an efficient way. In other words, it will save you a lot of headache.


But there are a lot more projects where I can assist thru project management or act as a liaison between designers - photographers - agencies and much more. 


My two cents 

"Opportunity dances with those who are already on the dance floor." 

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Fancy a chat? 

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